Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

[1717 vantage to fatisfie their reafon, and to perfwade them, than a. ftranger'hath ; fo that fuch Breaches will be very rare. But if ..I be as injurious to them as force Patrons are, and would draw them to chufean intolerable pa{for,or falfe Teacher, it is their Intereftand Duty not to be me to their hurt. L. What confuTon will this make in the World, wen all people, even Wives and Servants may chafe on what Pallor they will depend, and where ttsey will Communicate. M. Itwere a happyWorld ifyou, or any did deliver it from differences, yea, or confufion. But perfe& concord is no where but where is perfed knowledge, holinefs, righteoufnefs and love. If it breedconfuons in the World that every Man chufe his own Dwelling, Trade, Diet, Cloathing, Wife, Servants, Travels , Company , Phyfician , Counfellor , Tutor , Maffer, Books, èc. And fo that their Life, Death and Souls be more in their own power than anothers, there is no remedy : If you would, devife any other Chufer for them of all thefe, you would cure that diforder with madnefs and deflrudiion ; who is it that should chufe all thefe for all other Men ? He that chufeth for themmull anfwer for them, and muff be accordingly faved or damned for them. If God had appointed force Pope that he would always make wife andgood , to chufe for the Kingdoms of China, Pegu, Tartary, japan, Sumatra, and all the reft of the World, what Religion they fhould be of, and what they should love and hate, fpeak and do, it would have brought the World toa happy Efate, ifall would hand to that Mans choice: But who can teach Cdd how to Rule the World, and fay, Thou thouldft have made Man otherwife. Will youmark this : Either it is only to commandMen what to chufe, or elfe to make them chufeby efficient determinationoftheir wills; or elle to move them by force without or againft their wills, that youwouldhave the World faved from fin and confu- fion. There is but thefe three ways. And I. Tomove them againft or without their wills, is natural motionor violent, and will make none of their aólic ns good or bad in a Moral fence : Nil nif voluntarium eft morale : Thus a Horfe, a Watch, aShip is governed And you may lay them in what order you will, when they are dead. Z II. To