Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

The Contents. Ch. 55. Xli. Whether all trusted in Cirporations -may declare that there is no Obligation on them or any other,from the Oath call'd The Solemn League and Covenant, not fomuch as to repent of SO, or oppofe Profsnenefs, Popery or Schifm, and defend the King : and fo that C. Monk s Army,and all the refi of the Three Nations that reftored the King as obliged to it by th,t Vow , ,vere all deceived, and not fo obliged : and whether all the Siwje6ls muff be fore of this' Ch. 56. Of Thirty tremendous Circumftances and Principles which all agree. in, that, affright Men fromConformity. Ch. 57. The Reafons for Conformity cçnfadered. Ch. 58. Whether Communion with fo faulty a Church be lawful. Se- paration confuted. Ch. S9. ADraught (in ten Articles) of that which the Reconciling Nonconformifts,defireforhealing our Church Divifions : In the words which they judge meeteft to that ufe. Ch. 6o. The Reafons of thofe ten Articles diftinaly render'd. Ch. 61. Whether the Extirpation of the Nonconformifts be not rather to be attempted , than a Vnion with them by thefe means Handled with reference to a late Treafonable Plot againfíi the King. Ch. 62. Fifty ..Queftions propofed to unjuft Silencers.