Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

TkIE True CASE OF THE Qngit)jouton1ointtp In a DIALOGUE between A Silenced M'INIS TE qz, and a LAWY CHAP. L The Introduefory Conference, Lawyer. IR, the danger of theKings Dominions byour Irre- ligious Contentions about Religion , poJfeffeth the obfrvers with jug indignation ; but all know not on whom to lay the blame ; force lay it on .the Bifhops, and force on the Nonconformifts, and force on both : I am unwilling to wrong any ; but when I think, of our danger, and hear that it is but Cere' monies, and things indifferent for which you breakthe Law, and make a Schifm in the Church, and weaken us bydivifions ; I cannot but thinkyou deeply guilty. ,Minifter. How long have you fo judged ? L. Thefe twentyyears, ever fence you were put out. M. Didyou ever byReading and Conference with thofe that B yo'e