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C` 2 J` you cenfure, acquaint your felf truly with their Cafe. L. I have Peen Tome of your Books, but Ihave not tall¿t much of theft matters with any ofyou, but I read and hear from the Doffors of the Church what you are, and what you hold. M. Will you take us to be the juft reporters what they are and hold ? L. 1V"o, you are Adverfaries and partial. M. And arenot they as much fò to us ? Is not every man fit- ter toprofefs hisown Faith than his Adverfàry is ? And have you done well to judge before you heard and tryed ? Shall Judges do fo on the Bench ? Have younot all thefe years, continued guilty of falfè judging and uncharitablenefs, and that againft a great number of the innocent ? And if you every day prayed for for giveneis but as you forgive, even an enemy and real injury, what have you done all this while in condemning the guiltlefs ? L. Why have you not in Writing given the World jaíft fatisfaE1i on if you are guiltlefs r What fin have youproved to be in the Con- formityrequiredof you? I fee no filch proof. M. You knowwhat penalties the Law layeth on any that de- prave the Common Prayer Books, and that all are Excommuni- cate ipfo fatbo, that do but affirm any thing to be againft Gods Word, in any Office ofyour Church Government, in any Word or Ceremony in your Liturgy, &c. Can, 5. 6, 7, 8. And you knowwhat follows Excommunication here. And you know that till of late years the Prefs .was Phut up to us : But have you feri- oufly read and ffudyed what is written by us .? I my íelf have toldyou ; i . InaBook called APlea for Peace, what things they be. which Nonconformifis take to be finful in Conformity, and howgreatand hainous the fin is which they fear ; and what fepa- ration is unlawful and what is neceffary. 2. In a full Treatife of Epifcopacy I have ¡hewed what Epiícopacy we are for, and what we areagainf'e, and why, and what Antiquity held here - about, and what we have to fay tomolt of the Learned Men that have written for that Diocefan form, which we cannot approve, 3, In an_Alpology, I have proved it our ditty to Preach, though forbidden, as far as we are able, and mens neceffities require it, q:. Its a fecund Plea for Peace, I ii ve folly given the World an, account of our ?oc`frine , of Magiftrates Power and Subjets Duties hi'matters Civil and. Etclefiaftical, &c. 5,. In a Treatif of