Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(3) of°Chesrch,Couco d, I have fully proved that the Primitive fin-TN- city in things divine, few, plain and Pure is the only 'Zink-mat- ter of Untverfal Chriftian Unity and Concord. I know not of any one of thefe that are Anfwered, or any thing like an Anfwer to themwritten, fave that to force part of the firft, force meer impertinent noife was made by fòme one that is confuted. L. We that have other Employment have not leifure to read fo many tedious Writings : Tell us your Cafe in a feu words ifyou would have us underfAndyou. M. Did you get your skill in Law by fo eafie and fo fhort a Study ? Or is any kind of Knowledge fo eafily got, where Con troverfie hathdrowned the matter in contradicting words. You know that it is multitudes of Volumes that are written on the other fide : And it's impo%ble toAnfwer themall in a fewwords : And if they be unanfwered, they will fay, we have donenothing. But had you as ferioufly ftudyed but one or two of thefe Books, (e. g. my firff Plea for Peace, andTreatife of Epifcopacy) as you do LawBooks, I fcarce think you wouldhave been long unfatis- fied. But if indeedyouhave no time to hear, read and ftudy, fay alto you have no time toknow or judge : And no more cen- fùre what you know not. L. How comes your Cafe to be fo little underffood ifyouhave done fomuch to open and juftifie it ? M. You may know by your felf. i . Men Rudy their own matters in which theyfe4 themièlves concerned ; and as for ours they think they are not much concerned to know them. 2. At Ieaff not at the rate of any hard and diligent ftudy, which nei- ther love nor neceffity leads them to. 3. Moft are ftrangers to us, even they that dwell near us, and converfe not with us. 4. The rather becaufe that as we are out of the rifing way, and are under publick difcountenance, and banifhed from Corporati- ons, and much from converfe with men of publick place and in- tereft, fo our familiarity is become fearful, left- it brings thofe thatare familiar with us into fufpicion, 5. And they converfe with thofe that through Ignorance or Malice do defcribe us and our Caufe and Books, as they would have all men think of us ; and it is not good manners or fafe to contradif them. And fo the notice of our Mind and Cafe mud be received, not fromus, but from our accufers. Do you obferve this method. in Weft- , B 2 tninfier