Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

C16) ,the furtherance of Religion ; - and that . the publick Religion will be the. commonarid National Religion and molt will be there : And if the.ProteftantrReligion were, 'reduced to ToleratedCori- venticles, Popery would poffefs its place, and become National, and !bonwithdraw even private Toleration, as we fee in France. XL. VVe are notforPreaching when we are forbidden, where there is`not a real and-evident need of our Labours, XLI. VVe believe not that the Scots Covenant, or any other doth oblige us to Seditiòn, Rebellion, Schifm, or any fin ; nor dothdifbblige usfrom any Obedience due to any Superior. XLII. VVe refuf"e not the Oxford Oath, or any filch, becaufe it is anobligation to obeyour Rulers in Lawful things, nor be- caufe it reftraineth us from refitting Authority ; for we give as much to Humane Soveraignty, and confefs as much obedience due to them from Subjects, i . As any Text of Scripture fpeakes 2.. Or any General Council, fave what they give to the Pope and . his Vaffals. 3. Or as any Confeflions that we knowof, of any Chriftian Churches agree in. 4. Or which Lawyers, Politicians, and Hiftorians, Proteftants, Papifts or Heathens agree in, as -far as we are acquainted. XLIII. VVe are not againft the ufe of Synods or Councils, nor gainft Princes ufing their advice for fuch Laws circa facra as be- long to them to make .: VVe believe Councils fhould be ufed as far as the common good and Communion of the Catholick Church requireth it ; though no Foreigners have Jurifdi6tion over us. And we hold that if they agree of any thing conducible to the common good, though their agreement be riot a Law, but a Con- traF.t, yet the general commandof keeping the Unity of the Spi- rit in thebondof peace, obligeth all to hold fuch concord for the ends fake, thathaveno fpecial reafon againft it, In thefèForty threethings we oppofè not conformity. L. And ifyet after all this Agreement we waif he deft-roycd by divifaons, the heavy Celli of' God is on up, and will timely fall on them that are the caufes of it, whoever they be. CHAP.