Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(_7) CHAP. IV. ,f1 briefenumeration of tie things impofid on us which h the matter of our konconformity. M. O you know what it is that we are required toconform to? L. I know it is to ufe the Liturgies, Ceremonies and submit to the Bithops, as your Governors : I k71, ow nomore. M. And yet dare you become our Judge ? I you are no more exalt and juft in mattersof Law, your C1ìen s muft pay for it ? Before I come to handle the particulars,I will let together here the things required ofus ;" and how much of them we refufe , I will tell you when I try them, and give youour Reafons againft them. I. Whereas few of the Nonconforming Minifters were at Age, and Ordained till Diocefans were put down in England, and were Ordained by an Affembly of Senior Paftors, which were then in poffeflion of the Power, and had many years the Approbation of the whole National Affembly of Divines at Weflminfter, before they were admitted to any Incumbency ; noneof thefe may now exercife their Miniftry unlefs they be Re-ordained by Diocefans. 1I. No man can be Ordained by them, and admitted to any Cure, that will not take the Oath of Canonical Obedience (as they call it) and in his Ordination Covenant to obey his Ordi- nary. III. No man muft Preach the Gofpel by the authority of his Ordination and Office, till moreover he have got a Licence from the Bithop toPreach : and till he have got that Licence to Preach, he may not take upon him to Expound in his 'own Cure, OR ELSEWHERE ANY SCRIPTURE OR MATTER OR DOCTRINE, but (hall only Rudy to read plainly and aptly, without glof ing or adding, the Homilies already fet forth, or hereafter tobe publifhed by lawful Authority. Can. 49. IV. No man may be Ordained, or be a Licenced Preacher, or Catechize who doth not fubfcribe thefe words, `Ex animo, tt That the Book,of Common-Prayer, andof Ordaining of N- o, (hops, Priefts and Deacons, containeth in it nothing contrary to the Word of God, and that it may lawfully be ufed, and that he himfelf will ufè the Form in the faid Books prefcribed tt 'iñ publick Prayer and adminiftration of the Sacraments, and ct no other. IJ V, No