Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(T8j V. No man is to be Ordained a Minifter, nor have any place or Benefice or Cure, that doth not openly and publickly before the Congregation declarehis unfeigned Affent andConfent to the ufe of all things in the faid Book contained and prefcribed in thefe wordsand noother. "[IAB.Do here declare my unfeigned Affent " and Confent to all and every thing contained and prefcribed in, and by the Book entitled, The Book of Common Prayer,.. " and Ordaining.] And every Leäurer alfo ; the firft Lecture and every Month mutt publickly and openly declare his Affent to, and Approbation of the Paid Book, and to the ufe of all the rayers, Rites and Ceremonies, Forms and Orders therein con- tained and prefcribed. VI. By this all mull Affent and Confent to this Article of Faith or Doctine. [It is certain by the Word of God that Children which are Baptined, dying before they commit actual Sin, are undoubtedly Paved.] Not excepting any, though the Children of Atheifts, In fidels or Sadducees. VII. We mull Affent and Confent, that at publick Baptifiti, perfons called Godfathers and Godmothers, who take not the Child for their own, do in the name of theChild Covenant with God, without the Parents, who are forbidden to be Godfathers or Godmothers, or to fpeakone word, nor muff be urged to be prefent; nor may the Godfathers, &c. fpeak one word but what. is written in the book. And they are there not only to pro- mile for the future, but to profefs in the Name of the Child at prefent IT I renounce them all ] (the Devil, World and Flefh ) and [ All this I .fedfafly believe] and (to be baptized) [ This is my deffe] and for obedience riwill.] And there Gódfathers alfo engage as their parts and Duty, to fee that [this Infant be taught fo foon as he fall be able to learn what a folemn Vow, Pro- mife and Profeffion he there made by them : And that they call on him to hear Sermons, and chiefly that they provide that he may learn the Crede,the Lord's Prayer, and the Ten Commandments in the vul- gar Tongue, and all other things that a Chriflian ought to know and believe to his Soul's health, and that the Child may be vertu- oufly brought up to lead a godly, andChrifian life] .All this thefe three perfòns mull promife as before God and the Church, but the Parent is not only excufed from any fuch promife, but forbid it by the Canon. VIILWe amsiossoolsaMININSIMINSIA