Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

C 19 VIII. We-tnuff Affent and Confent to refufe to baptize the Child of any godly Chriftian, who bringeth not his Child to be baptized with inch undertaking Godfathers ; either becaufe he can get none that will ferioufly promife him to do what they muff Vow to do, and fo dare not draw them into facrilegious perfidioufnefs, or becaufe he thinks it his own part to enter his Child into God's Covenant, and thus to promife for its Educa- tion. Ix. We mull Affent and Confent to fign the Infant with the tranfient Image of the Crois [ In token that hereafter he_hall not be ajhamed to confefs the Faith of Chrift crucified, and manfully to fight under his Banner, againft Sin, the World,the Devil, and to continue Chri¡íßs faithful Souldier and Servant to his lives end. Which the Canon farther expounds thus [ To dedicate them by that Badge tohis Service, whofe benefits bellowed on them in Baptfm the name of the Groff doth reprefent] [an honourable Badge whereby the Infant is dedicated to the Service of him whodied on the Crofs.] X. VVe mull Affent and Confent to Baptize none publickly without this Sign, but to deny Chrilfendom to all that dare not receive it, and their Children. XI. VVe mull Affent and Confent to rejet`l all that dare not re- ceive it Kneeling from the Sacramental Communion of the Church. X11. VVe mull Affent and Confent to a falfe Rule to find out Ea.fter-day for ever, in thefe words ; [Eafter-day (on which the ref. depends) is always the farfl Sunday after the firii. full Moon, which happens next after the one andtwentieth day of March.] The common Almanacks tell you it is often falfè. XIII. VVe mull Affent and Confent to ufe words at the Burial ofall, except the Vnbaptized, Excommunicate andfelf-murtherers which plainly pronounce them laved, viz. [Forafmuch as it bath pleafed Almighty God to take to himfelfthe Soul of our dear Brother here departed: ] And [we give thee thanks, for that it bathpleafed thee to deliver this our Brother mut ofthe mífries of thisfînful world..] and [that we may refl in him, as our hope is this our Brother doth.] XIV. VVe muff Affent and Confent to read publick Leffons out of fudith, Bell and the Dragon, Tobit, and other Apocryphal books, fromSept. 28. till Nov. 24. everyday, except forne pro- per Leífons interpofed. Da XV.VVe