Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

20 VVemull Affent and Confent to all,the mifiranflations of the Pfalrns, &c. and not only ufe them ( which we refufè not ) but fubfcribe that none of them are contrary to the word of God. XVI. We muff Affent and Confent to admit none to the holy Communion till [faieb time as he be Confirmed, or be ready and de- frous to be Confirmed] that is, by Bithops in the Englifh method. XVII. We muft Affent and Confent that [fuckornaments of the Church, andoftheMinifters thereof, at all times of theirminiftra- tion (hill be retained in ufé, as were in this Church of England by that authority of Parliament in the Secondyearof Edward VI. XVIII. We mutt Affent andConfent to give an account within fourteen daysof every one that we keep from the Sacrament, to the Ordinary. And th .t the Ordinaryproceedagainft the offending perfon according to the Canons. XIX. We muff publifh all fuch Excommunications and Abfo- lutions,as are accordingto the Canons decreed by LayCrancellors XX. This binds us toconfent and publifh the Excommunication of all that affirm that the Liturgycontaineth any thing in it that is repugnant to theScriptures] And the Oath of canonical Obedi- ence binds us to fuch publication, if it be commanded us. XXI. And we are both thefe waysbound to publifh all Excom- municate, ipfofac`to,. (ifcommanded) who affirm any of the Rites and Ceremonies. fuch as may not be approvedand üfed` lawful XXII.. And all that fay anyofthe:ThirtyNine Articles in any part may not be íùbícribed, though it be but about Traditions or Ceremonies. XXIII. Andwe muft, if required, publifh all, ipfo facto, Ex- communicate who fay the Church Government by Arch-Eilhops, Bilhops, Deans, Archdeacons, and the reft that bear .Office, is againft God's. word. XXIV. Wemull, if commanded, publifh all Excommunicate who affirm that the Form andManner of making andConfecrating .Bfhops, Prie f s or Deacons containeth any thing in it' that is repug- nant to the wordof God. (Though it affert that the Eilhops and Priefts are diftinì Orders, which even: in K. f icks days the Church of Englanddenyed,) XXV. Wemutt publifh themExcommunicate who affirm thatthe Nonconformists may truly take the name of another Church, &c. and,