Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

2I and that any affemblies of Subjects not allowed- by Law, are true and Lawful Churches. . XXVI. No Minifter muff wittingly adminifter the Sacrament . toany but fuck as Kneel, nor to any of the forefaid depravers of the Liturgy, Ceremonies, Orders of the Church, &c. Can. 27.. XXVII. None of other Parifhes are often, to be admitted. to Communion. XXVIII. All Minifters that repent of Conforming muff be fuf- pended, excommunicate and depofed at Taft, Can. 38. XXIX. We muff give the Sacrament to none that go for it from unpreaching Minifters, but muff fend tem home, Can. 57 Nor muft Baptize their Children. XXXX. Minifters muff not be fuffered that wear not the Sur- plice, Can. 58. XXXI. No Minifter muff refufe or delay toChrifteri anyChild . that's brought to the Church to him on Sundays or Holydays to. be Chriftened, without exception of Atheifts or Infidels Children. Can. 68. XXII. No Minifter may keepany Faft in publick or at pri- vate Houfès, or be prefent at any (on what neceftyfoever) with- out the Bifhops Licenfè for it under Hand and Seal, or theLaws- appoinmient. XXXIII. We muff if commanded publifh all Excommunicate: that affirm that the Sacred Synod is not the true Church of Eng- landby reprefentation ; or that deprave it as a fanion, &c. XXXIV. Noman was to be ordained or fuffered in the Mini-- ftry for twenty years that did not fubfcribe thus [I do declare that I do hold that there lies no obligation on me, or on any other perfon from the Oath commonly called the Solemn League and. Covenant,,. to endeavour any change or alteration of Government in Church or State.] XXXV. All Nonconformifts muff fwear that they will never: endeavour any alteration of the Church Government, or elfe be: banifhed five miles from Corporations and all places where ever. theypreached fnce the Al of Oblivion. XXXVI: All Minifters muft fubfcribe and Nonconformiftsf fwear that they abhor theTrayterous pofition of taking Arms by- the Kings Authority againff thofe that are Comrniffioned by him.- XXXVII. Wemuft.affent.and confent to the c amnatory fentence' in the Cued calledAthanarus's. XXXVIIL.