Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

22 XXXVIII. Every Miniffer confenteth to fay the Morning and Evening Service every day in the year, not being left by ficknefs orother urgent caufe. XXXIX. Minifters mud concur to force the unwilling Parifhi- oners to the Sacrament, or elfe to Excommunicate and ruine them. XL. If we dare not: Conform for ,fear of fin we muff forfake our Miniftry to which Nye .are 'Ordained and Vowed, and give over Preaching the Gofpel what ever need there be, and muff alío remove our dwelling from all places aforefaid. Thefè are the`prts of Minifters Conformity. Lay Mens Conformity is as followeth; L Theymuft truft their Souls with the Paftoral overfight of thofe, and only thofe as their fixed Paffors, whom Patrons will choofe for them, and Bishops inffitute ; Though the Conformifts accufemany Patrons of fuch hainous fins, as fpeaketh themunfit for fo ftrange a truft, befides thofe that are Papiffs, and Bifhops fay theyhave not power to keep out theunfit. II. They are not only hereby deprived of the exercife of Self- Government for the faxing of their own Souls, but of due Family Government for the fafety of Wife and Children, and Servants, and muft not bid them choofe better Paftors. III. Theyare forced to forbear Communion with all Noncon- formifts, and to feparate from all others befides Conformiffs, though they account this Schifmatical feparation. IV. When God commandeth them [If thy Brother trefpafs aJainfl thee tell him his fault between thee and him ; if he hear not tell the Church, &c. And with Drunkards, Bailers, Fornicators, &c. not to eat.] They are forced to have Communion with Pa- rifhes where no fuch Difcipline is exercifed, nor can they per- form any fuch duty, and to lofè all the benefit of this Chriftian Order and Difcipline, none being fo much cart out as Confcion- able Diffenters. V, Conscionable care to obey Gods Law is greatly difcouraged and made a dangerous thing, while it mutt be mens utter ruine to deny Conformity, even in a Ceremony, tomen, when it's done for fear of finning againft God. VI. They are to be deprived of Baptifm and Chrif-endom for their Children, if they dare not life the forefaid way of God-Fa- thers, as defcribed. VII. They