Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

C 23 ) VII. Theyare alfo to be unchriftened if thinking our Croffing is ufed as an unlawful Humane Sacrament, they dare not receive it as a dedicating Badge of Chriftianity. VIII. If they think Kneeling at receiving the Sacrament an un lawful hardening the Papiffs, they are denyed Communion. IX. If any diffent but from Confirmation, Organs, Kneeling at theRails, taking a Reader or unkman for their Pallor, they mutt not be received to Communion by a Conformift in another parifh. X. All the Land is engaged. (Minifters, Veflries, Corporations. and Militia) by Oathsor Covenant never toendeavour any altera- tion of Government in the Church. Xi. They are all engaged to abhor the pofition as trayterous, of taking Armes by the Kings Authority agáinfi any Commiffaon- edby him in purfuit of fuck (ommifon. XII. All Corporation Government and Trutt is confined to- them that declare that there is no obligation on them or any other from the folemnCovenant or Vow, not excepting ió much as to oppolt Schifan, Popery or Prophanenefs, to defend the King, or- repent of fin, though thefe be Vowed. I have now told you what Conformity is in. Minifiers and People. C H A P. V. I. Of Re-Ordination. L. OV have named agreat number : But I doubt whether all thefe are impofed, andin many of them 1 fee no harm. M. I told you that if any one of them (impofed) be finful Nonconformity is aduty, which all the.Minifiers in England were . bound to. L. What fin can youfind in Re-Ordination ? M. I muff firit ftate the Controverfe before I argue it. t. The word [Ordination] may lignifie either the firft Dedica- tionand Ordination to the Minifterial Office as fuch, by which a man is feparated from the Laity to Gods Minifiry : Or elfe, a. Million on force particular. Minifierial work, as Paul and Barna fias were feat abroad, Ads i I. Or a Minifter may be fent to America, &c. Or elfe a fixed appointment toforce one particu- larChurch. or Flock, which is done here by Prefentation Initiitu -- dit.