Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(49) the tenor of the words may tell the Reader that they meet no more. L. Tell me firf1 where it is thatyour Controverfie lyeth ? M. I. Negatively, r. It is not whether the Infant Seed of one believing Parent thould be Baptized : This isagreedon. 2. It is not whether thofe may be dedicated toGod as our Children and baptized,whoare Adopted, or any way made our own Children, as Abrahams bought and born tohim in his houfe as his propriety were. Though we cannot fay we are certain of this, yet we will not contradict them that fay they are. 3. It is not whether Hypocrites Children have not fo far a right to Baptifine Coram Ecclefia as that the Minitte+c ought to baptize them if it be juftly demanded. 4.. It is not whether there be a certainty of the Salvation of all the baptized Infants of true faithful Chriftians, that die before a tual fin : Though all good Chriftians arenot cer- tain of this: yet with the Synod of Dort we hold that Chri- ftians have no juít caufe to doubt of it. 5. It is not whether they may not begood men that think all baptized ones abfolutely in a ftate ofSalvation. None of thefe are the Controverfie. II. But it is r. Whether all Infants without exception that be baptized, arePaved ifthey thendie. 2. Whether this be certain by the Word of God. 3. Whether all that be not undoubtedlycertain of it,fhould be no Minifters ? L. But it is not faid [ All Infants], but [ Infants ] indefi- nitely. M. r. There is no place of doubting of their univerfal fence. For an Indefinite term in re neceffaria is equal to an V- niverfal. And they except the unbaptized from Chriftian Burial. 2. It is Baptized Infants as filch that they fpeak of, and that under noother Chara&er, nor with the leaft exception. And a patensad omnes valet argumentum. 3. The Canon commandeth Miniíters to baptize all Infants without exception that are brought to them on any Sundays or Holy- days to bt'baptiz,ed after the Manner of the Church of .Eng- land. H 4. I