Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

pit ( $0) A. I have fpoken with the Bithops that brought in and promoted this Article, and they own the univerfal fence, hp- poling the true form of Baptifme ; and fay, that as any man hath right to take up an expofed Infant in the fireets and take it in, fo bath any one to bring the Child of a Heathen, Infidel, .Rtheifl or Saddncee to baptifrne. 5. If they had meant it only of fume baptized Infants and not all, they knew the Non-conformifts were of the fame mind ; and then they would have told us, what fort they mean. L. I. ::'Mrl why may not an Article of Faith be newly declared ? we havenot read the Fathers ? It maynot be unknown to them ; And I have heard that they are for it. M. The molt ancient Churches were fo much employed in baptizing the adult Converted from Infidelity, that we read little or nothingexprefly and particularly what they did about Infants in Baptifine : They baptized none at age without a ferions Profeffon of true Faith and Repentance and holy Dedication to Chrift : They ufed to keep thefe as Learning Catechumens long before they baptized them, fave in cafe of neceflity near death.. Therefore they had their fet-times of the year for baptizing (two or three times) as our Bithops have now for ordaining. Andafter all this ítrh t preparation, they pronounced the baptized in a Efate of Salvation, but it was only on fuppofìtion that he was a íincere penitent cove- nanting Believer. Even Hildebrand (Pope Greg. 7.) in his time concludeth that baptifine faveth none that diffemble or have not the Faith and Repentance which theyprofefs: which the Papifl;s do ordinarily confefs, and Proteftants much rtrore. And as for Infants, the Ancients compelled not Chriflians thernfelves to baptize them, but left them to their own choice. Tertnlilan for long delay till they underftand, Pay- ing, Gir feffinat ipmacens atas : Grey. Na4ianz.ene would have them flayat leaft three years : In danger of Death they alway baftened : Ang ìji ne and many others that had Chriftian Pa- rents were not baptized till at Age. .lard ,they took Chrifti- ans In ants,as Paul did, to be not unclean but holy,aandwould receive others brought by fuch as adopted or owned them as Pro-