Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(58 teffifie their opinions of the Parents, as ferious. Chriftians, not like to apostatize. z. And did promife that if the Pa- rents either die or apoftatized, they fhouldundertake the Chil- drens Education. But if the Parents were dead already, they undertook toEducate the Child themfelves as their own. But they were Sponfors -for no Infidels Child, unlefs they firft adopted him, or took him for their own. L. And what doth our Godfathers differfrom this, for whichyou take them to beflnful, or not approveable. M. Thedifference is fo great, and maketh fo great achange in our Chriftening, as I am loath to name to you. E. With us godly Chriftian Parents themfelves , are forbidden to be Godfathers with the reft, and to fpeak one word, much more to profefs that they dedicate them in Covenant to Chrift: Nor muff the Minifter urge the Parent to be prefent : left his confent feem neceflàry. 2. The Godfathers and Godmothers are neither tyed to bring the Children of Chriftians only, nor only filch as they take for their own e but without difference may bring the In- fants of any Atheifts, Sadducees, Jews, Infidels, or open ene- mies of Chrift and gödlinefs, without taking them for their own. 3. They perfonate the Child in promifng and proferïng in his name, without authority fo todo. ..Theydo not only promife what the Child fhall do hereafter but they at prefent profefs that the Child by them, or they personating it, do Believe, renounce fin, and delire I3aptifm : As if the Childwere bound to do this by himfeif or by ano- ther. 5. Godfathers too commonly covenant for the future Edu. cationof the Child, themfelves todo it or caufe it to be done, which they neither ever purpofed to perform, or evermade the Parents believe that they intended , and fo make Chrift- neninga perfidious Vowing, or CovenantingwithGod : Thefe 2re not thin indifferent, I think. L. I. How prove you that the Parents may not be prime cove- ,tarìters, or Sponforsfor their own Children? Are not they obliged to get Godfathers and Godmothers for them? who are fupbofed to comeby their procurement? And loth not that f?gnifietheir own con- fens, towhat thefe are to undue*.