Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

59) . M. It fignileth only that the Law conf1raineth them to let their Children be baptized, to avoid their own pitithment, slid to get others to enter them into the Chriftian Covenant. But not that they either are Chriftians, or confent to that Covenant themfelves, either for themfelves, or Children. For x. Known Atheifts, Infidels, and Sadducces that damChri- Itianity, are bound by the Law to get Godfathers for their Childrens Baptifm., as well as Chriftians ; and fuch cannot be fuppofed to covenant for themwith Chrift thernfelves. The Sixty eight and Sixty nine Canons command Minifters-to re- fufe no Child that is brought, not to refute or delay tobap- tize in private in cafe of danger who ever defireth him to do it. 2. The Twenty nine Canon faith [No Parent fhallare urged to be prefent, nor be admitted to anfwer as Godfather for his own Child : Nor any Godfather or Godmother fhall be Peered to make any other anfwer or fpeech than by the Book of Common-Prayer ie prefcribed in that behalf] The Parent may fay what he will to God in fecret. But at the Chriftening of his Child, if he fhould but fay [I believe God'spromife to the faithful and their feed : I do devote my Child to Chrifi, and engage him in his Cove- nant : or Ipromife to educate him to Chriftianity] hebreaketh the Canon, and goeth againft the Churches Law. I did'before the Bithops at the Savoy, 166i. put the cafe to them, thus without fiétion : An Infidel of my Parifh that ufeth openly to talk againft the Scripture and Life to come, to a- void inconveniencies, refolveth to fend his Child to be bap- tized ; and I mutt- not refute it by the Law : Hath the Child right to Baptifm, and is it undoubtedly Paved ? Dr. Sow- derfon in the Chair anfwered, nemime contradicente, that if he brought him with Godfathers according to the Church of England, I need not doubt it. But there were but two in the Parifh that openly declared themfelves to be of his o- pinion, and thofe two being his familliers are liken to be the Godfathers. If the Child have not Right for Infidel Pa- rents fake, how can Infidel neighbours, called Godfathers, give him right. L. But the Canon faith that the Godfathers 'hall be otuly fach ar have received theSacrament. I 2 M Alas