Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(6o) M. Alas none are forwarder than thofe to receive the Sa- crament, and laugh at it, and fay they will obey the Church. Yet I doubt not but a faithful Parent may be prefent if he will, and may tell the Godfathers in private, that his pre- fence 1h l lignifie his devoting at ; and when the Priest fpea- keth irtheGodathers, he may bow his head whether the Prieft will or nit, to fignifie that aft of his. But this is nothing to the fenfe of the Church, nor to our Affent and Confent to their exclufion of the Parent. L. I confefs it founds to me as unnatural. But what is your other reafon again(l our fort of Godfathers? M. II. My fecond Reafon is, that It is a prophanation of this great and facred Ordinance , to invëT thofe in the vifible /Late Chriftianity ( and Salvation pretendedly) that have no right to fuch inveftiture, fo they have but Godfathers they are to baptize the children of any Jews, or Heathens, or open enemies to Chrift, as well as of Chriftians ; which is a =nil-eft prophanation. L. What is thefault of it. M. I. It fuppofeth a falfe Dolrine, that Infidel Children are within the Covenant, and may be baptized as well as Chri- ftians which in the Books aforecited, I have fully difproved. 2. It is a dangerous adding to God'sword andworlhip. 3. It is a deceiving of mens Souls as to chiidrens Rate, to make them believe that their children dying .when baptized are all faved, how bad foever the Parents be 4. It is a dreadful belying of God, and prophanation of bis name, if men (hall in the name of God pronounce pardon and falvation to thofe whom he never gave them to. L. But Godwill not punifh the Childrenfor their Parentsfin.. M. Not thofe that fee their fathers fins and forfake theta, and livenot as their Parents did : and that's all that the Scrip- ture faith for filch. But if you will read my two forefaid Difputations for Original fin you will fee it fully proved that God punifheth Infants, becaufe they are the guilty, and cor- r'upt feed of guilty and corrupt Parents. Do you believe our Church Articles and yet denyoriginal fin ? If Infants have no guilt and fin what need have they ofBaptifin, or ofa Saviour ? if they have need of both, fure it is for no actual fin done by them,