Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

(7 section as well as by a word to fanning Heathens that they were not afhamed of a crucified Saviour, might be more ex-. cufable than this. And they forefaw not to what abate it would be after turned. 2.But fuppofe we miftook in thefeour fears of:finning. I Do you think that the cafe hathnot difficulty enough to excufe a man for fear of finning ? , 2. And do you think that for filch fear, and not acting ' againft themwe deferve tobe cart out as heinous uncapable delinquents ? C H A P. XIII. Point X. Of denying Paptìfa to them that refit the Crop. M. LI T the praaice of Crotling is difputable, and I lay not fo [harpa cenfure on them that differ from us in it: But what excufe can be, made by °a man of Chriftian charity, and confderation for denying-Baptifm to all that re- fufe this crofng, I confefs I cannot imagine, nor could ever hear. L. Their excufe is, that Cr.offing being lawful, the Refufers are diforderly Schifmaticks, and theyand their Children (gas theirs) ;in- capableof Baptifm. . They fay it is not they, butyou that are the Re fufers. They offer to baptize you or your Child, andyou refufe it. NI. i.They know that it is notBaptifm but Cro[fing that is re- feed : And if they will not adminifterone without the other, they are the refufers. If one refufe the Papifts Exorcifm,Salt, Spittle, &c. and they will not baptize without it, do they not deny to Baptize, unlefs one will receive all thefe ? If God will juftifie them for rejecting all that think it a fin to receive their Croffing, then it is not them to whom it is to be imputed. But can that be true? t. Chrift that inftituted Baptifm, ordained the conditions of it, and the qualifications offach as [hall be baptized,Mat.z8. and Marl. T 6. 16. He that believed was to be Baptized. Ait. 28. Ifthoubelieve with all thy heart thou mayeft : No, faith the Canon you [hall not, though you repent and believe, un- lefs altoyou will take thecovenanting Badgeof theCrofs. Is not this to alter the terms of Chrift'sCovenant and Sacrament, L 2 and