Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

( 76) and direüly to contradict his very fundamental Lawof Chrifti- anity ? Baptize all that are made difciples, faith Christ, and all that repent and believe : No faith cur Convccation,baptizenoneofthem that will not take the tranfiea t Image of aCrofs, for their farther obligation. 2..Do you that think it is necefl'ary toChriftianity and Salva- tion know that this Federal Coffing is lawful ? if you affirm it,you muft fay the fame ofall ceremonies of the fame importance, and fo mull: make a hundred newArticles of Faith, even of Cere- monies and fuch little things, and make them allneceffary to Chriftianity and Salvation ? And is not this to make a new Gofpel, Chriftianity, and Church, and to turn Christ's eafie Yoke into a worfe than the slavery of Pharifaical Traditions? And is not this to Phut all, or almost all men out of Heaven ? Noone onearth doth know that this, and all fuch ceremonies, and inventions of men are lawful : And must every one know it that will be a Christian, or have his child made one ? Or muft we all (as necefl:ary to Christianity) believe all fuch things lawful if the Clergy do but fay they are? And what if the Clergy in one Land fay it is, and in another, fay it is not : Muft both be believed? Have wife Bithops no fitterpenalty to cn`force their ufurping Canons by, than denying Chriftendom and Salvation? One would think it should be enough for the Preachers ofhumility to fay, [We arefo wifethat he that differeth pratticallyfrom tes in that which we call an indifferent ceremony, and he calls a ftnful corruption of baptifm, (hall be punifted as much eta Swearers, Drunkards and Fornicators be, or (hall be made a flave withhis Children] without denying them Chriflianity and Sal- vation. But the best is, all cannot keep men out of Heaven that boast of the power of the Keys; and there is one Lawgi- ver who is able to fave and to destroy. L. Ton makeaheìnoud cruelty of it, as ifit were oppreffionand ty- ranny to fouls, andthey faythat they impofe nothing on you but things indifferent. M. Muft their indifferent enforced with fo great penalty as dàmnation ? If every onecannot love every Difh that they love, or get down every Pill that they give him, but he be famifh'd therefore , or have his thro at cut wi- der? I had rather live and die aChimney-(weeper, or a Chan- nel