Baxter - BX5202 B29 1689

C77) nel cleanfer, or a Keeper ofSwine, than a Bithop that thould put Chrifl's Difciples and their feed, whom he comrnandeth them to baptize, Mat. 23. 19. from his Covenant and Church, andfpecially when themfelves make Baptifm more neceffary and certainly faving, than it is. L. But you may venture to baptize fi4ch ifyou will. M. What, when I have covenanted 4ffent andConfent to dl things in their Book, and fubfcribed to ufe no otherform in bapti- zing ; and alfo mull be calf outfor it? C H A P. XIV. Point XI. Of rejeF ingfrom Commarrion all that dare not kneel in the aCi of Receiving. L. THear that you receive the Eucharif Kneeling yourfelf, and take it for lawful: what then haveyou aáainft the Canon or Liturgy for this? M. I am my felffor the Iawfulnefs ofOrgans, Railes, and Comingup to them, and for the lawfulnefs of Kneeling when we fing Pfalms, or read the Scripture, or hear the Preacher. But I am not for the, lawfulnefs of hanging or damning men that hereinare not of my mind.: Nor for turningunnecetlàry things, becaufe they are lawful into conditions, fine yuibue non, of Church Communion, and Engines for Satan to divide Chrifl's Flock by, and perfecute men for fearing fin. Paul was for the lawfulnefs of ufing, or not ufing, the meats and days mentioned Rom. 4. I, 2. But he was not for either judg- ing or defpifing oneanother about them, much Iefs for calling men from the Church and Heaven for them ; nor for laying, except ye be Circumcifedye cannot befaved. L. Nor Both the Church make Kneeling in Receiving neceffary to Salvation, but enjoyne it as a decent Ceremony. M They that make this Kneeling necefl'ary to Church Communion, and avoiding Schifm, and make Church-commu- nion and avoiding.Schifm neceffary toSalvation, do make the faid Kneeling neceffary to Salvation. But fo do the Canonias here: Ergo. How ufually do they apply Chrift's words to the Sacrament [Except ye eat theflefh oftheSon of Man and drink his blood, ye. have no life inyouj If Communion herein benot neeeiiary, how come,