Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

bulatory, or Itinerant, that have a care of all the Churches, and are nofurther eyed toanyparticulars, then of the necefrary defeRof their natural capacity (feeing they cannot be in all places at once,) or elfe the difpatch of that work which they there meet with, before they go further, and force Inch occafion Both re. guise : and being excluded out of no part of the Church, further then by content for the common good, they (hall exclude them- felves ; fuch, I mean, as the Apoffies were. 12. The twelfth and tall fort is the Judas that goesunder the nameof St. Peters Succefor, and Chriffs Vicar General, or the, Vice- Chrif#, who claimeth a power ofGoverning thewholeuriverfal Churchas its Head, having Infalliblepower of determini>:g Con.. troverfes, andmatters of Faith, and whofe Office muffl enter the definitionof the Catholic! Church, and thofe that feparate from him arenoCatholikes, or trueChri{lians. This is he that beareth thebag, and maketh the twelfth fort. w. 3. T Come now in the thirdplace totell you, how many and whichof thefe forts of Epifcopacy I thinkmay be admit- ted for thePeaceof the Church : And, I. Of the firft fort there is no Controverfie among us : few will deny the ?us Divinumof Presbyters, as having the Rule of the people of a particular Church, and the foie Rule , fup- pofing that there is no other Pallor over that Church but himfelf. 2. Of the fecond fort of Parifh Bifhops ( who are meer Pre- fidents over the whole Elderfhip of that particular Church, and thatcontinually, orfixedly.) I think there is little quellion will bemade by any, but they alto will eafily be admitted. 3. The third fort ( .4 Parochial 73ifloop, having a Negative voice in a Parifh Elderfhip) I fhould be content to admit for thePeaceof the Church : but whether of it felt it be defirab`e, I do not difpute : for if one Pallor even in aParifh may have aNe- gative voiceamong two or three Curates, it will follow that the thing it felf is not unlawful, viz. for one Miniller to have a Ne- gativevote among many, and fo amonganhundred, if there be nothing elfe to forbid. 4. The fourth fort ( for brevity) Comprehendeth two forts. I , Such