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three, or five hundred thoufand fouls that he never Teeth or . knoweth, norcan pofíibly fo Govern, but muff needs leave it undone ( except the fhadowofa. Government which is com- mitted to a Lay Chancellor,) loth willfully draw this fearful Guilt upon himfelf. Argum. 7. T Hai Epefcopacywhicb itthe-produ of?rota Bmbi:iouand Arroga»ey,costraryto theexpreft command of Chrif , it rot tobe ref,red forOrder or Peace. But. Deck it the late EaglilhPrelacyubersfore, &e.. The Major is undoubted. TheMinor is proved thus. Were it not for proudAmbition menwouldnot Drivetohavethe do- ing of more work-thenan hundredtimes as many are able to do, and theanfwering beforeGod for as many fouls But the Englifh.Prelates did Drive tohave the workand account ofma- ny hundreds : therefore,&ca The Minor is proved and known by experience. And the Ma- jor is proved thus. 1. From the commonaverfnefs thatall men have to labour, excefiìve oppref ling labour, and that fpiritual too. z. From the felf-lovethat is naturally in all : Noman cart naturally and rationally defirethat which would tire him, op- prefs him, and, finally damn him , + without great repenp tance , and 'the fpeciall mercyofGod, unlefs by the power of fume luí that drawethhim to it. 3. And common prudence will teachmennot to thruti themfelvcs into impoflible undertakings, Ifwe fee a man defirous to have the Rule of a whole County under the Prince, and that there fhould be no Jutiice of Peace, or other Magiírace toRule therebut he , though lie know that he muti anfwer it upon hislife, if the County .benot well Ruled,as to the punifiingofall the knowndrunkards,fwearo ers, adulterers; &e. in theCounty ; may not anyman fee that Ambition makes this man in manner betides himfelf, orelfe he would never let folight by hisown life,ascertainly andwillfully tocati it away,bv undertaking a workwhich he knoweth many men are unable to perform: And Ambitionnitmuf needs be, beb caufeHonour and Preheminency is thebait and thingcontendcd for, andthere is nothingelfe todo it: And how expreflyBoth Ghrii1 forbid this to his Apoflles, tellingthem, [wiFbyewitpm G mot