Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

( 53) Scripture Epi(copacy, T prove thus. TheScripture knoweth but two forts of Epiftopacv : the one General, unfixed as to any Church or Countryor Nation ;. which wasnot called Epifcopa- cy in thefirt times : the other fixed Overfeers of determinate Churches appropriated to their fpecial charge : thefe were called Bifhops in thofe times : whereas the former were, forne called Apo{fles, from their immediate miffion and extraordinary Pri- viledges; or Evangelifls, or Fellow-labourers and helpers of the Apofiles, or by the like titles fignifying; their unlimited in- determinatecharge.But our EnglifhBithops are neither ofthefe: therefore not any of Scripture appointment but different from them. t. They are not of the Apoftolical Order of General Miniters : for ,x. Their principal work was Preaching to con- vert, and congregate, and then order Churches; but our Bi ¡hops feldom preached, for the moil part. 2. They were not tyed toany particularChurch more then other, fave only as prudence dire&ed them pYo tempore & renata, for the fuccefs of their work for the Church Univetfal ; not were they excludedor retrained fromany part of the world as being another mans Diocefs ; fave only as prudence might dired them for the corn. mon good, to ditribute themfelvespro tempore. This is apparent It. by Chrits Commiffion,who fendeth them intoall the world, only by certain advantages and particular calls, fitting Peter more for the Circumcifion, and Paul for the Uncircumcifion, when yet both Peter and Paul andall the ret, did preach and look toboth Circumcifion and Uncircurocifion. 2. By the Hi- floryof their peregrinations and labours, which thew that they . were not fo fixed, whatever force writers may ungroundedly affirm. Esefebises ( difcreditingby fabulous mixtures the light- er fort of his Teflimonies, and cenfured by force reje&ion by Gelafur,and others) and Torre withhim, do tell us of fome"fuch' things, as forne Apofiles being fixed l3ifhops, but with no fuck proofs as fhould fatisfie aman that weighs the contrary intima- tions of Scripture, and the difcord of thefe reporters among themfelves. Only it iscertain, that nature it fell would fo re- ftrain them, that as they could be but in one place at once, fo they couldnot be in perpetual motion r and prudence would keep , themlonget in thofe placeswhere moí} work was to. be 'done. dad therefore Pod; threeyears abodeat Epbefrti and theneigh. H 3; bouring,,