Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

The Preface. 2 himor reducehim, then to fet a mark upon him, to in- lic` the cen lures on him, and to appoint all men to break off familiar converfe with him. 3 And 0 what abundance of work is this in the feveral parts, even in one Pari/I1, much more in a Diocefs fee Dr. H. on Mat. 18. 17, 8. 5. it is the Bifhops work to take the principal care of the poor, and their flock, or the contributions forthem, which contributions were made at every 4(em4ly. See Dr. H. on I Cor. i 2. 28. e. [The fupream truft and charge was referved to the Apoflles and Biflops of the Church. So in the 4r. Canon of the Apbftles A . Bithop mull have the care of the monies, Co that byhis Power all be difpenfed to the poor by the Pref- byters and Deacons; and we command that he have in his Power the goods of the Church. So 9uflin Mar- tyr Apol. a. That which is gathered is depofited with the Prefect or Bithop, and he helps, relieves the Or- phans and Widdows, and becomes the Curator or Guardian to all abfolutely (N B) that are in want. So Ignatius to Pelycarp ; After the Lord thou (halt be the Curator of the Widdows. AndPolycarp himfelf fpeaking of the Elders or Bithops, They vifit and take care of all that are fick, not neglecting the Wid- dow, the Orphan, or the poor. ] So Dr. H. readhies further. Remember this, all you that are for our Englifh Prelacy. See that the Bi/hop be at once in every Panfh in his Diocefs to receive the contributions. Or fee that you pat all into his hands andcuflody : fee that he take care of all the poor, andwiddows, andorphans, inall your Coun- try, and that all their monies be disburfed by him, or bis fpecial appointment, and be the common overfeer of the poor for his Diocefs. Andwhen you andhehave tryed this one [even years, come then and tell us, whether he wild be d) anj