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z6 The Preface. any longer a Prelate, or you will any longer be for Prelacy. In the wean time judge in your Confeiences by the(e paf- fages ofAntiquity cited by D. H. whether the antient Bifhops hadone Congregation, or many (core or hundred to be their Pafloral charge ? 6, Alfo it is apart of the Bifhops work to vi fit the jack, and pray with them,and for them, yam.5.14. Is any lick among you," let him call for the Elders of the Church, and let them pray over him 3 fee Dr. H, that by Elders is meant the Bi/hoes, e. E Becaufe there is no Evidence whereby there ( inferiour Presbyters ) may appear to have been brought into theChurch fo early, and becaufe rty, -cti Fef in the plural, doth no way conclude that there were more of there Elders then one in each particular Church ( any more then . that the lick manwas bound to call for more thenone ) and becaufe np50-.v'rp, Elders of the Church was both in the Scripture flile, and in the fiat writers the title of Bifhops : and lafl:ly, becaufe the vifiting of the Gek . is anciently mentioned as one branch of the Office of Bifhops ; therefore it may very reafonably be refolveds, that the Bifhops of the Church, one ineach particular Church, but many in the Univerfal, are here meant fo farDr,H. Remember allyou that are all for Prelacy ,to fend for the Bifhop whenyouare lick, every perfon in the .maters, according to this exprefs command : And if be would do his work by a Deputy, remember, that inall that Diacefs which was the Bifhops charge in the Scripture - times, there was no rresbyter exigent but himself, as is hereconfefed. So in the following words the fame Learned Dr. furtherpreveth from. Antiquity [ that one;part of the Bifhops office is let down,that they are s ¿&;, thole that vifit all the fink ]' Let xis have faithBifhops as can andwill do this, and our Controverfie will foon be at anend about Epifcapacy. Were