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2-8 The Preface. the help of three more fellow Presbyters , and three or four Deacons,befdes thegreater helpofabundance of Godly people here in their places, 1 amnot able to do allthis as it Jhauld be done, for this one Parijh. And yet thegreateft part, of our trouble is takenof, by, the refujalof the mul- titude of the ungodly to come under. Dzfcipline, or be members of our.P.afioral charge. Sirs, theft are not [Cho. la f ick [p;- culations ! The everlafling fey or Torment of our people 'yeti, upon the fuccefi ful performance of thefe works (as we that are Chriftians verily believe) ç find therefore to Difpute; whether one man Jhotdd do all this for a Diocefs, is allone as to Difpute, whether it ¡hallall be undone or no ? and that is, whether we (hallgiveup our Countries to the Dev l or no ? And. ¡hall the Prela- tical Controverfe come to this ? Tau have noway to avoid it, but by Delegating your power to others; and calling your work upon them. But you confefs that this was never done in Scripture -times, there being thenno Subject, Pesbyters to whom it might be committed. And by whát authority then it? Can Epifcopacy be transferred by Deputation to another ? This is long ago confutedby many writers, Popifh andProteftant. Do-thework byano- ther, and you /hall have your wages by. another. And what is your office, but your Authority and obligation to doyour work ? lie therefore that you, commit this to is a Bifhop. So that this is but to make wDeputy Biflaps.: Andif fo, let wcall themBi!hops. Í have readmany of your writers of late, that fay we have no Government, and faith one of them, the Tresby terian Government was never yet [et up in any one Pari/h in England] Thefe are firange things to be reported to Englz/h men. Perfwade the world next that no man in England bath anofe on his face. Is it not known that. she Presbyterian Government bath been exercifed in Lon- don,