Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

The Preface. Z9 don, in Lancashire, and in many Counties, theft many years ? And what Government is it that you think we want ? The people are guided in the matters of God by their feveral Pafiors. ThePa('tors live in Concord by Af- fociations in. many Countries. Both Agars and People are Governed by the cMagiftrate : And what need we more ? Look into this county where 1 live, andyou /hall find a faithful, bumble, laborious cxiniftry, Affociated and walking in as great unity as ever I readof fince the pofiles daies. .No difference, no. quarrels, but fweet and amicable Correfpondency, and Communion, that 1can hear of.. Was there filch a Minifiry , or fuch love and concord, or fuch agodlypeople under them in the Prelates reign ? There was not : 1 lived where 1 do: and there- fore l am able to (ay, there was not. Through the great mercy of God, where we had ten drunken Readers then, we have not one now : and where we had one able godly Preacher then, wehave many now: and inmy own charge, where there was one that thenmadeany fewof the fear of God, t hope there is twenty now :. And the Families that were wont to fcorn at holinefs, and live in open im piety are nowdevotedto the worfhipand obedience of the Lord. This is our lofs, and mifery in theft times which you fo lament. 3 . But perhaps you will refute Communion with us, be- eaufe of our differences from you in doctrine about the Controverf:escalled.Arminian. But the fiercenefs of ma- ny of you hereabouts doth ferve but to difcover your igno- ranceanduncharitablenefs. The Papifts that differ among themfelves about thefepoints, can yet. hold Communion in one church: andcannat you withal ? Will you be fiercer aping us then the yefuites againft the Dominicans ?t Nay mega not neer fo far as they:We cleave to Auguftine, and the Synodof Dart, who own not Phyftcal Predetermi- (d 3) nation,.