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3 6 The Preface. nation, and meddle not with Reprobation antecedent to forefiQht of fin, and who confefs a fufficiency in Chrifls fatisfac`lion for all. e.ísnd yet mutt we have thofe impo- tent clamors, with which thewritings of M. Pierce and other fuch abound ? Why then do you pretend to follow the Church of England, which Mr. Hickman hash 'hewed you plainly thatyou defer: ? Many of the highcft weer Armenians are charitable peaceable men, that hate feparation from their Diffenting Brethren. Curcellaus is one of the molt eminent men living of that way. And how charitable andpeaceable an Epifile bath he writ before D. B!ondels book de Papilla Joanna ? And I hear that Mr. Hoard,the Author of theBook called Gods Love to mankind, lives inpeaceable Communionwith the Neigh- bour Minifters in Efrex. And 1 have hadLetters from many of that way withwhom I Cerrefpond, full of Chri- flianLoveand Piety, andhatredof calumny and feparati- ons. But verily 1 mufl tell you, that when we find any of you in your writings and Sermons making it your work to- vilifie the Liwinifiry, andwiththe,uakersto make them odious to the people, and making your jeers, and railing, anduncharitablenefs the life of your Sermons, we cannot but fufpell that you are Popi(h Emiffaries, while we find you in their work, or elfe that you are Malignant Enemies, and of the ferpentine brood whofe heads (hall portly be bruited by the Lord. 4. And if it be the diftfe of your Common Prayer that you feparate from us far, I would know ofyou, whether you wouldhave denyedCommunion withall that lived be- fore it had a being. if this be your Religion, I may ask you, where was your Religionbefore Luther ? before King Edwards daies ? If you fay in the Majs book (and what clfe can you fay ?) 1 askyou then, Where was it before the Mafs book had a being ? Would you have denyed Commu- nion