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he Preface. 3 r ,pion to the Apofiles and all the Primitive Church for Tome hundreds of years, that never ufed your Book of Common Prayer ? sell you flill make things indifferent, neceffary ? z. one word to thofe of you that follow Grotius r I have /hewed that be profeffeth himfelf a Papift, even in that D.feu/ ion which u`Yrr Pierce fo rnagnifieth as excel- lent. I hear Mr. Thornlike andothers defendhim : and fame think ¡injure him by calling him a Flit!, Wonder- ful ! what will not be a Contravene among learned men ? e4re we fain among fach that deny him to be a Papifl, that profefeth exprefly to be fatisfled, if evil manners be but correéied, ( and fchool- opinions not impofed) which are contrary to Tradition and all Councils ? and that pro- fefeth to own the Creedand Councilof Trent, and all the Papi(h Councils whatfoever, and the Miflriflrip of Rome, and the Catholick Mailerflip of the Pope governing the Catholick Church accerding to thefe Councils ? What is a Papifi if this be none ? I refer you to my Evidence in the Difcoveryof the Grotian Religion, and the frr_ fi chap. of the fecand Part of my Catholick Key, replying to Mr. Pierce. Confute it rationally if you can. I (hall new only define you when you have read River, to read a Doak calledGrotius Papizans, andto hearken to the tufimony of an honefl, learned Senator ofParis, that admiredGro- tius, and tells you what he is from his own mouth : and that is, Claud. Sarravius, who faith in his Ep (iol. pag. 52,5 ?. ad Gronov. [ De Oils libro & libello 'poffrernis interrogatus,refpon'dit plane Milleterio ConCona, Ro- manam fidem eípe veram & finceram, folofq,.e Cleri- corum mores degeneres fchifmati dedilfe locum ; adfe- rebatque plura in hanc fententiam. quid dicam ? Merito quod fah%o olim Paula Agrippa . T,a ,u ß:r,: ?aiTpih-r. Deploro yens lachrymis rantam ja&uram ] Here you, have a credible witnefs, that frame his