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The Preface. 7 3 pis are of our mind, as year partakers do ? Becaufe Ca tholicifin is your vretenfe, confider whether you be not further from it then moll people' in the world? 2. Becaufe. I conceive this Book is not fuitedto your great objationns, Ideftre your per ufalof another that comes out with it, called A Key for Catholicks, e1ecially the fecond Part, and ifyou cannot anfwer them, take heed _ howyou continue Papifls. 3. Whileyou holdus for no Minifiers or Churches, or Capable of your Communion, it is invain for its to hope for Communionwith you : but wede re that you will con- fider of thofe terms of a more diftant fort of Communion, which there I have propounded in the End of the (fill and fecondPart : and deny its not that much. 4. At leaf! we befeech you, that while you are 'Wills, you will dealopenly, andno worfe with ran then fober Papifts . that freak according to their Confciences ufe to do. Do not let it (as the Lord Falkland freaks) be in the Powerof fo much per annum ( nor of your faUious interefi) to keep you fromprofefsing your [elves to be what you are; and do not make the Proteltantnariie a weer cloak tofecure you in theoppofingof the Protefiant Caufe andd frillow 1o4 the example ofSpalatenfis, andthe Caunfël of Canipiat andParlons, in feigning afort of Doctrinal Puritans, and railing at ProteRants under that name. Deal with its but as fober Papifts do, and we [hall take it thankfully. Now highlydoth Bodin a LearnedPapift extol the Presbyterian 1piféiplineat Genevah from its efeffs, when among ma- ny of you it bath as odious titles as if it werefumeblafphe. mous damning thing. What fober Papi/t would talk as Mr. Pierce cloth I p. 3o. of the great abominat.on of the Presbyterian Diretory, ] andnot be able to name one thing in it that is abominable. Is it a great abomina- tion to exhort and direct men topreach; andpray, and (e) praifc