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3 4 The Preface. Araife Cod, &C.,: If it be the omifsion of his forms and Ceremonies,, that is no Part of thebook ; and it be forne Directions that are againfi them, they that revile the Common Prayer book, as mop Papifis have done, or they that count filch CeremoniesandForms indiffèrent things, c others have done, have little reafon to account that (o great an abomination that direileth men to omit them. What abominable thing is impofed by the Diretlory i Tell us if you can. What excellent thingsdoth Thuanus freak of the Presbyterians or Calvinifis ? and how highly doth he extol the moft of their Leaders or Teachers whom he mentioneth ? But to Mr. Pierce ; what a bloody perfidiorcr fort of men are they, unfit to live in a Commonwealth? And to Grotius ; the Protefiants are not only of bad lives, but by the Power of their Dallrine they are fuck. I have [hewed you in my Key for Catholicks how great the praifes of Calvin are in the mouth of Papir. Maffonius, and other foirer Papifis : and the fame may be Paid of others of our Diviner, who are mentioned by you with moll calumniating odious words. Even Maldonate the jefuite, roben he is rail,ng at the Calvini fis, confefJeth of A n,;s,(t 14314\4.i 5 ) that [ Nothing was in their mouths lut, the tord, and our heavenly Father, and thrift, and, Faith; an Oath was not heard : nothing appeared in their deeds, but Almf deeds, and Tempe- rance, and Modeffy] Is this like your language of them ? Nay, if Satan had di fated to him how could he have uttered more falfbood and deteliable calumniation then Mr. Pierce bathdone, p.73. when he faith [were Rac- ket, Lavcafier, Artbingtan and others hanged for Non- conformity r or was it nothing but Ceremonial which Coppinger, &c. defigned againft the lives of the whole privy Council, and againft the perfon of the (weed werenot Cartwright, and Travers, and Wentworth, and Egerton,