Baxter - Houston-Packer Collection BX5151 .B3 1659

The Preface. 3 5 Egerton, and other Presbyterian Minifters privy to the plot ] The Leawill rebuke this flanderous tongue. Did ever Cochlaus, or Bolrck go beyond this Mai; ? faro fully is it known that Racket and his CompanionsWere Grundletoniasis or Familifls, jufi? fuch as James léiailor; andthe makers, (Who are far nearer the Papifls then the Puritans or Presbyterians ) and that they madly came into London, Coppinger and Arthington, as his two Prophets, proclaiming Hacker to be ;efus Chrifl ; and that for obflinate infifling on this Bla/phemy, Racket 'ma hanged,and dyed blafJheming, and` Arthinggton up- on his Repentance publi/liedthe whole Story of the begin- ing and progreJs of the bufinefs, as you may fee it in the Book called Arthingtons Sedut}ion. In which their madnefs, blafphemy, or any Treafon of theirs or others this Man might as honeflly have faid, that Auguftine, pr Luther, or Cranmer hadan hand, or wereprivy to the plot , as Cartwright , Travers, and fuch Presbyterian Mrnifiers. Whathe hash readin Bancroft, 1 knee' not, nor much regard, till Bancroft himfelf be better cleared of what heib 6ywriters chargedrrith, concerning Ficlerus, Dolman, &c. andwhile he was known to be the moll vio- lent perfecutor of the Puritans. But I fee es the Papi ffs will take it for a currant truth, that Luther was fetcht away by the, Devil, and that Calvinwar fligmatized for Sodomy, and ílyed blafpheming, &c. if they canbut fay, that one Cochixtas or Bolfeckof their own bath fpoke it s fo fuch men among us dare tell the world the mofi odious falfhoods of Cartwright, Travers, and the Presbyterian Minilieu, if theycobut fay, that` Bancroft f ridit before them. And now the rill may take it ies uñqueflionable, Piercebath Paid it. Do theft' men believe that there íáa day of`3udgement ? If they do, they make but lamentable preparationfor it. c_ dudhis of fertien rag.77. (e2) that