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36 1 he Preface. that [ Excommunicating Kings and killing them is the doctrine of the Presbyterians ] andmuchmore of his writing is of t o fame kind. To thu I havegiven him an Anfver in my Key for Catholicks,`whire he (hall fee whether Papi¡ls or Preteflants are for Icing-killing ? Had you not gone fo far beyond fuck moderate Papifts as Caffander, Hofpitálius, Maffonius, Bodin, Thua- nus, be. in your enmity andb;tternefs againft the Prote. Plants, u clearly to contradit them, and to (peak blood and venom, when they [peakcharitably, andhonourably, we might have hadmore peaceable neighboursofyou,thoush none of your Communion. And 1 fuppofe that thole who feparate from tu,,a having no true c vtiniflry pr Churches, would have 411 thefe Mini(lers that they take for none, to befïlenced and call out. 1 do not think you will deny this to be your de- fire, and your purpofe, if ever you fhould have power ? And if fo, what men are you ? and what a cafe would you bring this in ? To your Objellions I have anfwered in this book, and Paid fomewhat more to you in another Preface. And upan the whole matter am forced now to conclude, that it is an Enmity, toholinefs Mien: [antlifled hearts that is the principal caufe of our diftance and divifions ; and that the way to convince fuch men, as too many are that we deal with, is not Difputing, but praying to the Lord to change their hearts: And that if we could once perfwade them but to the Love of God and Holinefs, a ferioue prat7iceofChriflian Religion,and (if they be Bifhops) to a faithful prailice ofthole works of a Bi[hop which they confefs are hisdiity,and to tryChurchGa- vernment before theyplead for what was never tried by them,ourControverfies would then be ended:they would ne- ver more pleadfor fuch a Prelacy thatdeftreyeth Piety,and Dilcipline, tier never revile the Servants of the Lord nor