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(II) have many degrees of officers , more then yet we have `Inferiors very many, and Superiors fome of all confcience too high: thenwe muff have fome to anfwer the Correaors, the Confular Prefdents, and the Vicars, and Lieutenants , the Pro- confuls and Prefeas, and the Emperor himfelf ,Even one to be vniverfal in the Empire ( thats yet fome Limit to the Pope, andwill hazzard the removing of the Supremacy to Conftantinople, by the Rule that the Apoflles are fiappofed togo by.) Andgreat variety muff there be in thefeveral DiocefJes of the Empire ( which Blondell hathpunl'tually defcribed de priinatu inEccicf. pag. 5 11. CO 519. !hewing the caufès of the inequality of Bi/hopricks and Churches.) 8. According to this opinion theform of church mull alter ros oft as Ernperours will change their Policy,or WarsPall change them : e./Indup- on every change of the Priviledges of a City, the Churches Preheminence mull change, and fo we fhall be in a mutable frame : Which if Balìl andAnthymius hadunderflood, might have quicklier decided their controverfie. Tea ac- cording to this opinion, Princes may quite take down c.Me- tropolitans at pleafure , by equalling the priviledges of their Cities. The bell is then, that it is in thepower of our Civil Governours todiffelve our obligation to cí 1 etropoli- tans,yea and to all Bi(hops too,ifCities mull be their fdence , as Ihave (hewed. Sea. 13. Asfor diem that pretend humane Laws for their form of Government, that is, the decreesof General Councils; I anfwer. 1. I difawn anddeny all humane Laws u obligatory to the church vniverfal : It is the preroga- tiveofGod, yea thegreateflpoint of the exercife of his So- raignty to be the Law-giver to his vniverfal âhur.h. There can be no vniverfal Laws without an vniverfal Law-giver : and there is no vniverfal Law-giver under Chrifl in the world. 2. Andfor General Councils f nce (hz) Scrip-