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(ii) Scripture time: at Leaf!) there have keen nofuck things nor anything like them , unlefi the Roman Empire, yea a piece ofit,be the whole world. I know therfore nohumane Vniverfal Laws, whether it be for forms of Government, Liturgies; Holy dayes, or any thing elfe. Sea. i4. But the principal matter that tends to end our dference, is, the right underflandinap ofthe Nature ofthat Government that is properly Ecciefiaflical: What is it that we weft' haveDiocefans andMetropolitan.( todo ? (befides what 1havegrantedto "'Medical Bithops in the third Di- fpute ? ) Is it to Teach or Rule the people oftheparticular Churches e Theycannot do it at fogreat diflance,not know- ing themnor couverfngwith them ; at leaft fo well& they that are on theplace, as the ancient Bithops were, Is it to Rule the Presbyters only ?Why thenbathnot every'Chiarch aBi/hop toRae the flock but a Presbyter that isforbidden to Rule them. (in all that which they callfurlfdiclioy them- felves ) ? Andhow is it that Presbyters /hall be Ruled by Diocefans , and the Droce fans by Provincials e not by For the Paflors have no coercive power by violence, or touching mens bodies or ethics. Is it by bare command - ing e Why what will that do on diffenters that difobeyt'fhall they depofè the Bifhops orPresbyters that difobey them a But how e Not by any force, but command, or exhortation, or Excommunication. They can do nomore that Iknow of. Andwhat if they excommunicate a Pa- llor ! Let the cafe befuppotedas now it is among its : What if a Bi/hop . with thefew that adhere to. him , excommuni- catedall the Paflors in the County that are not fatisfeedof the Divine Right of Diocefans, or of the lawfulnefs of all his impotedCeremonies andForms e The people willtake it tobe their duty (mot lgenerally where the Miniflry hath . been favingly effeîáual) to own their Paliors notwithfland- gn fuck anExcommunication,and the Pafors will take it to be