Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

74- ) fifes, becaufe the event is not to himuncertain. Saith c.914'Eat,'_ 111,4rtin. in nom. Gond. Definirifo'et Difpof;iini jufpenfìo ex eVentu incertofuturo ei oppoTito. Sicftine apcidhoirines got flag. no non portant, ;edDari /ub certis con fitionibur etiam nobifcurrs agit: at orninm eventounaipfe gn.v u, pro infinity fug farentia. qua p-avidet quid occurri.rwm nobi,r quid nos amplexuri, vetde- clinatur,fim .. Confer. Dent. 28 29 30,31. 3 z. Ca; pitobus. I Commonly the.reafon of appointing Conditions is the defireab nefs oi' the thing to be performed,conjoyned with fome b ickwardnefs or poffib l!ty of backwardnefs in the perfon that is to perform-it, and therefore he is drawn on by the pro!, mmfe of that which he is more wailing to receive But many other reafons there maki be. ï he fl ft caufe of the Condition, is the Requirer, whether he be 1-eliator, Donor, Stipulator, Legiflator, &c, And fo the Condsti HI of the Lawor Covenant of Grace, is 6ríì, sods condition 42 the Impifer. Secondly, And i's the conditionof each_Subjdi as o6di,fed to perform ,t. Thirdly, And the condi- tion of each profff.Eg ('hrifiian as having Pro, ifed the perfor- mance. Fourthly, And the condition of true.Chriftians only asactual Performersof it. Thecondition of the Gofpe! bath feveral refpects according to the various refpects of the Law that Both impofe it. Its the Conditionof afree Gift ; for the Gofpel is a free Gift of Chrill and, Life á It is the Condition= of a Promife ;becaufe much of the Golpel benefits are future. It is the Condition of a Tefia- ment, becaufe Chrift dying did leave this to the Church as his. lait Will, and it was confirmed by the death of the feflaror; It is the .Condition of a premiant Law, and Ac`} of Grace and oblivion; becaufe God made it as Legillator and Rector of the world , inorder to theconducing of his people to their happi-: nef; . -It is the condition ofa Minatory Law , in that it is a duty commanded on pain of death: and for the avoidingof that death. Eourr.hly, The prepolition [ by ] in our prefent queftion; may Ügnmfie, either the ufe and interetl of any Medium in General ; orelfe of a true caufe conftitutive or efficient. - So much of, the terms,.. PropofitioP