Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

Propofition I. Since Adams fall , it is impoffible for man to be ¡unified by a perfeel finlefs Obedience of his own, ( except Chrift only : ) and confrquently impoflible for him to' be iuttified by the Law confidered in that form and tenor a : it was given to Adam : for all menare (inners; and that Lawwill( uft =fie no fanner. Propofiion 2. By the works of the Mofaical Law , na man can be ¡unified. And therefore the Jews Peek Ríghteouf net's-where it is not co be found, while they think that pardonof .fin and acceptance with Cod are to be obtained by the bare works of that Law while they overlook or reje& Chrift who is the end of that Law for righteoufnefs to every Believer Speci- ally now that Law is Abrogated or ceafed,it were a doubleerror toexpe& Juttification by its works. Propof rion 3. Much let's can they be ¡unified by the forefaid Law, who in ftead of fulfilling it, do but falfely imagine that they fúlh i it. Prcpofit"on 4. No man can be justified by works properly meritorious, ,becaufe no man bath any fuch at all; nor may we once imagine that we have any fuch works as 'Paul fpeaks of ( and the Jews thought they had ) which make the reward to be nor of Grace but ofDebr, Rom. 4.4. much lets that we are ¡uni- fied by fuch ; even Gofpel works and faith it felfdo notjuttifie on chis account, and a conceit that they are thus meritorious would but turn them into condemning fins. Prop,geion $. No a& of mans, no not faith it felf can ju- ftifie as an ac or work, nor as Thi4 ad in jpecie : that is, the neareft and formal reafon of its ¡unifying Intereft. muß not be fercht either from the General or fpecial nature of the act it .kif : and therefore it is not faith as faith, that is, as it is an ap- prehenfionof Chrift or recumbency on him, that juttifyerh : nor yet as an lnfiru'ment thus acting. The nature of the act is but its aptitude to its office of juftifying Intereft, and not the formal caufe of it. 'Prop fì i%n 6. No work or act of man is any true proper caufe of his ¡unification. (as3-unification is commonly taken in the Golpel :) neither Principal or Iuftrumental.The higheft Intereft that they can have, is but to be a condition ofour Jutti- L 2' fication