Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

rion, and 1-6 Difpofiio mora`is, which therefore fom e call' carte dfp , (itiva, and fame caufa fine gcaá non and its indeed but a 7 grninall caufe, and truly no cata,'e at al'. Propofition 7. Whatfoever works elo Rand in oppofition to Chrift,or difjuner from him,yea or that [landnot in aduefubordi- nation to him,are fo far from Juftifying even as conditions, that they are fins which dodeferve condemnation, Propofition Li 8. Works, as taken for the Imperate As of Obedience external, diftina from the firft Radical Graces, are not fo much as conditions of our Juftificationas begun, or our beingput into a Juftified fate: .Propofition 9. Repentance from dead works, denying our our felves, renouncing our ownRighteoufnefs, tic. ( much lefs external Obedience) are not the receptive condition of our Iu -. fification, as faith is, that is Their nature is not tobe an ac - tual Acceptance of Chrift that is, theyare not faith; and there- fore are not defigned.on that account to be theCondition of our Juftification. Pro)1afirlon to. God doth not júftifie us by Imputing our own faith to us in ftcad of. perfeft Obedience to the Law, as if it were fufficient , or etteemed by him fufficient to fupply its place ; For it is Chrifts Righteoufnefs that in point of value and merit doth fupply its place : nor loth any work of ours' jùftifie us by fatisfying for our fins : for thats the workofChrift the Mediator Our faith and loveAnd obedience, which are for the receiving and improving .ofhirn'and-his Righteoufnefs and fo 11-and in full fubordination to him arenot tobe made co-part- ners of his office or honor. Affirm. Propofition f rft. We are ;unifiedby the merits of a perfeet finlefs Obedience of Chrift ( together with his fuffer- ings ) which he performed both to the Lawof nature, the Law of Mofes, and the Law which wasproper to, himfelfas Medi- ator , as the fubject obliged. Propofition z. There is fomewhat in the nature of faith it fill .in fpecie, which makes it fit to be eluted and appointed by God tobe the great furor ary Conditionof theGofpel ; that it be Receptive( as Acceptance . of . Chrtft;) is the nature of the thing; :