Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

thing : but that it be a condition ofour Juflification, is from the will and conilitucion of the Donor and Juflifier. Propo fition 3. There is alto fomewhat in the nature of Re- pentance, felf-denyal, renouncing all other Saviours, and our own nghteoufnefs, defiring Chrifl,ioving Chrifl,intending God and Glory as our end, ( procured by e-hrifl, ) confefling fin, ere. which make them apt to be Difpofitive Conditions,and fo to becomprized or implyed in faith the fummary Receptive con- dition, as its neceffary attendants at leali. Propo/i ion 4. Accordingly God hach joyned thefe together in his Promife and conflitution, making faith the fumvnary and receptive Condi ion, and making the laid acts of Repentance, fiifdenyal,renouncing our own righteoufnefs, & difclaiming in heart J uft ficttionby the works of the Law,and the renouncing of all other Saviours,alfo the defiring and lovingof (Shrift offer- ed,and the willing of Ged as our mod, and the renouncing of all other Gods;, and fo."of the world, flffb and devil ; at lean in the refolutionof the heart ; I fay making thefe the dill pofstive Condiions , which are ever implyed when faith only is expreffed, tome of them as fubfetvient to faith and per- haps force of them as real parts of faith it fell. (0 which more anon. ) `Propo f ion 5. The Gofpel promifeth Juflification to all that will Believe, (or are Rilrevers.) To be a Believer and tobe a Tircip'e of Chriff;in' cripture fence is all one,and fo is into be a.Difciple and to be a Chriflian : therefore the fenfe of the pro- mire is that we (hall be ¡unified, if we become true Chriflians or Difciplet of Chrifi ; and therefore ¡unifying faith compre- hendeth all that is efïential to our Difciplenfhip or Chriflianity as its conflitutive caufes. , Pro, ^oftion 6, It is not thereforeanyone fingle Act of faith alone by which we are juflifî>d, but it is many Phyfical acts conjunctly which conflitute that faith which the Gofpel makes the condition of Life. Thofe therefore;that call any one pct =° or two by the name of juflifying faith, and all the ten by the .. nameof works, and fay that it is only the act of recumbency on .Chriff as Prieffw or on Chrif$ as dying for us, or only the ct Q apprehendïng.or acceptinghis imputed Rghteoufnefs, by ,. 3 ; c htC i'