Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(83) fign a cdufaliry to fuch obediential ads, which canbe interpreted of no lefs then a coaditionaiity ; fuch are Luke 1 9.17. Mat,25. 21,23,34,35,40,46 ?en.22.16,x7i18. a. Chron. 34, t6,27. Ptah» 91.9,14. Mark 7.29. i 7ohn 3. 22, 23. Yohn 16.27, Rev. 3.10. and 3,4. and 7.4,15. eyc. And though fome of thefe texts fpeak not of Divine acceptance to life; yet firff, Tome do ; secondly, and the reff fpeak of no mercy but what is as freely given as 'ufiification. Amans ownworksare exclu- ded other Means and parts offalvation, as well as that. I run over thefe briefly and generally, both becaufeI aped that the bare texts without my Commenrs,fhould workupon the Confiderate, and becaufe I have been fo much upon it former- ly in other writings(as Confefs. g. 3.p. 56. cap ;. & cap.5.g.2. pag. 117,118. & alibi pafns) as that I apprehend in this work more tedioufnefs than necefity, But the chief thing that I further here intend, is to anfwer fome Objecíons, that by a Reverend Brother in his fecond part of his Treadle of Juftification are brought againff me. But before I come to his Arguments, its neceffary that I a little animadvert on his Defcription of Juftificationï that we may firft agree upon the fence of our terms , or at leaft, know how to underfand one another. Treat. Of 7tfiificatian. p. 126. L 7afifi átion i? a grarioud andjail of god,' whereby through Chreft our Mediator and Surety, afinner, but repenting and believing ,is pronounced jiff, and hereby put into a fiats of Reconciliation and favour with Cod,to the p-aife of God, gloriousattribute!, and to the 3'clievers eternal fily.;tion. !'hall not examine ehr:s Defcription by accurate Logical Rules,&c. Firft, Doubtlefs an accurate, rather then populir dehni ion would as loon be expeted from you, as from molt ; and here as anywhere in a Treadle purpofely on the Subject. 'Secondly, Pronunciation Both not go before Conftitution, no put us into a flare of Reconciliation and favour, butfind us in it, you f.iy your felf. pag.' 120. To jufife, ù to confiture and to declare cr j-rcnounce righteous, And in your fief Treadleof Ju- flification, pag. 7.Indeld the Apoffle, Korn. 5. faith, many M 2 - are