Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(iL) Treat. pag 226 the third Argument is, If ìn the contines- ance andFrog? efs- If oar 7ujiification we are juflified after the fame rlanner ive Wcre at firft, then its not by faith and Works, but by faith only a qina to Works , Rorn I. 17. Galat, 3. I I. ----- E.-Afro. I. I grant the whole, underftanding faithand works as Taal doh, but not as you do. 2. By E thefame manner ] either you mean , [ the fame fPe- cifically ( as fpecified from the Covenant and Objed ) as di- fiin& fromJewith Righteoufnefs , or from all falle waies, or all Mercenary meritorious works ( fo intended ) , or any manner that is not fuhordinate to Chrift , and implyed in Believing. ] And thus your Antecedent is true , and your Confequence ( in your fenfeof faith and works ) is falle ; Or elfe you mean [_ the fame manner] in oppofition to any additional ad implyed in our firft believing as its neceffary Confequent. And thus your Minor or Antecedent iS falle. If you will not believe me, believe your felf, who as flatly fpake the contrary DoEtrine, as ewer I did , being not as it feems in every Ledure of the fame thoughts ; pg. i18. you write it for obfervation in a different Charader, thus [ For thotsgh holy works do notjuflifie , yet by them a man is continued in afiate of jufiificat;on : fo that did not the Covenant of grace interpele, grofs and wicked Wales would cut cf our 7uMcation , andput us i4 aftate of Condemnation.] But becaule youmay avoid your own authority at plea rIT e many wales , I fhall give you a better authority that cannot be avoided. t. In our firft jutlification , we were not juf ,fled by our words : but in our lart Juilification at Judgement we fhall, c..Mat. 12. 36, 37. therefore they fo far differ in the man- ner, 2. In our ftrft Jufcationwe were not juftified by our Wax ks but afterwards we are, in tome fenfe, or elfe 7amet fpoke not by the Spirit of God, an. 2. 24. Ihe Major is plain, in that the works of Abraham, Rahab and filch like that lrames fpeaks of, were not exiftent at their fitit juitification. 3. In