Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

I23 ;. our firff aftification we are notJudged, ( and fo . u- ftifsed ) according to our voork,j. but in the laft we are : therefore they differ in the manner. 4. In our firft Juftification we are not justified by the mouth of the fudge , in pretence pasting a final irreverfible fentence on us : but in the Taft we are : therefore they differ in the tanner. 5. Our firft pardon is not given us on condition of our firft forgiving others : but the continuance is (A/Latth. 18. 3 5. &6.í4,r5. 6. Our firft pardon is not given us ifWe confefs our fins ( For we may be pardoned without that ) : but the renewed or lEontinued pardon is, if we be called to it t John i. 9. 7. Reconciliation and final Juftification is given to us in title, If wecontinue in thefaithgroundedandfettled, and be not moved 4way fronts thehope of theGofpel, &c. Col. 1. 23. 8. In our firft Believing we takeChrift in the Relation of a Saviour, andTeacher, and Lord, to fave us from all fin , and to lead us toglory. This therefore importeth that we-accord- ingly fubmit unto him, in thofe his Relations, as a neceffary means to theobtaining of the benefits of the Relations. Our firft faith is our Contra&with Chrift, or Acceptance of him as our Saviour : And all contradtsof such nature do impofe a necelfityof performing what we confent to and promite , in order to the benefits. To take Chrift for my Saviour, is to take him to fave me , viz, from the power and guilt of fin ; there- fore if I will not be faved by himwhen I have done, but had rather keep my fin, then I did but nominally and hypocritically take him for my Saviour. To take him for myTeacher and be- come his Difciple, importeth my Learning of him, asneceffary to the benefit. And in humane contra&sit is fo. Barely to take a Prince for her husband may entitle a woman tohis honours and lands : _ But conjugal fidelity is alto neceffary for the continuance of them: for Adultery . would caufe a divorce. Content and lift- ing may make a man your Souldier : but obedience and fervice is as neceffary to the Continuance, and the Reward. Content may make a man your fervant, without any fervice, and fo give R a him 1I