Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

24) himentertainment in your family. But if he do not at`tually ferve you chele ihall not be continued , nor the wages obtain- ed. Content may enter a Scholar into your School : but ifhe will not Lea' n of you, he fhall not be continued there. For all, thefe after- violations crofs the ends of the Relations. Con- lent may make you the fubje& of a Prince, but obedience is neceffary to the continuance ofyour Priviledges. All Cove- nants ufually tye men to fomewhat which is to be performed to the full attainment of their ends. The Covenant making may admit you but its the Covenant-keeping that mutt continue you in your priviledges, and perfe& them. See more inmy Confejf. 3. But I further anfwer you, that according to the fenfe of your party,of the terms [ faitband works] I deny your confe- quence : For with them [ Faith ] is [ Work. ] : And though in Paul, fenfewe are not at all ¡unified by works ; and in lames his fenfe we arenot at firft ;unified byworks : Yet in the fenfe of your party, we are ¡unified by works even at firft. For the Acceptingof Chrift for our King and Prophet, is Works with them : and this isPauly faith, by which he and all are ¡unified. Repentance is works with them : And this is one of Cods Conditionsof our pardon. TheLove and Defire of Chrift our Saviour is works with them:but thisis part ofthe faith that Paul was ¡unified by. The like I may fay of many as of Affent , and other ads,_ Treat. Led. 24. p. 2'21. Argu. 4. Hethat is jullifed by ful- filling a Condition, though lie be ekereunto enabled bygrace, yet be is j.ufl and righteous in bimfelf : But all ,jriflified. perkons , cts to "unification , arenot righteous in them elves, but in Chriff their Surety andMediator. Anfii'. i. If this were true in your unlimited latitude, Tnie- rent Righteoufnefs were the certaineft evidence of damnation. For no man that had inherent Righteoufnefs, i. e. Sa nification, could be ¡unified or favtd. Flit T am loth, to believe that.. z.. This Argument doth make as much.. *$ainn them that take Faith