Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

CI 150 Faith tobe the Condition of Jufification, and fo look to be ¡u- nified by it as a Condition , as againft them that make Repen- tance or Obedience the Condition : And it concludeth them all excluders of the true and only Juflification. I am loth to dif- fent from you : but I am loather to believe that all chofe are unjuftified , that take faith for the Condition of j;uf}ificati- on. They are hard Conclufions that your Arguments in- fer, 3. Righteoufnefs in a mans feif is either (ualit,stive, or Re- lative, called imputed. As to the later , I maintain that all the jufiified are Righteous in themfelves by an Imputed Relative Righteoufnefs,merited for them by Chrii`t , and given to them. And this belief I will live and die in by the grace of God: Qualitative ( and Active ) Righteotrfnefs is threefold. I. 7 hat which anfwers the Law of works ( Obey perfeUly and live.] 2. That which anfwers the bare letter of Motet Law, (without Chrifl the fenfe and end ) which required an operous task of duty, with a multitude of facrifices for pardon of failings,. ( which were to be effectual only through Chrifl whom the un- believing Jews underftood not.) 3. That righteoufnefs which anfwers the Gofpel impofition Ri pent andBelieve. As to the firft of there, A righteoufnefs fully anfwering the Law of nature, I yield your Minor, and denyyour Major. Aman may be juftified by fulfilling theconditionofthe Gofpel.which giveth us Chrifl to be our Ri.ghteoufnefs to anfwer the Law, and yet; not have any filch righteoufnefs qualitative in himfelf, as (ball anfwer that. Law. Nay it neceffarily implyeth that he bath none:- For what need he to perform a Condition, for obtaining Inch a Rig'it.eoufnefs by free gift from another, if he had -t in himfelf. And as to tit: fecond fort of Righteoufnefs, I fay, that it is but' a nominal righteoufnefs, confiding in a conformity to theLet- ter without the fenfe and end, and therefore can juffife none betides that none fully have it. So that the Alof, ical Righteoul nefs, fo far as is neceffary to men, is to be had in Chriff, and not in themfelves. But the performanceby themfelves of the Go- fpel Vondition, is fo far from hindring us from that gift, that without it none can have it. But then as to:the third fort of righteoufnefs qualitative,. I anfwer , He that performeth the R 3 Gofpeli