Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

our to himfelf, that is,as one that redeemed himfelf from fin,to deny his own righteoufnefs, to confefs his fin, to pray for par. don of it, &c. Doyou ferioufly believe that Chrift hath done this for anyman ? For my part, I do not believe it. Secondly, That he that hath not fatisfied for any mans final predominant Infidelity and" Impenitency, I know you will grant, becaufe you will deny that he dyed for any fin of that perfon ( or at'leafi, your partywill deny it. ) Thirdly, All that (hall be faved, do actually perform thefe conditions themfelves. I know you will confefs it, that none ( adult ) but the Penitent, Believers, Holy, fhall be faved.This fort ofRighteoufnefs therefore is ofnecetfitya. Fourthly, TheBenefits of Chrifts obedience and death are made over to menby a conditional Promife, Deed of g±ft, or aft of oblivion. Therefore the condition of that Grant or Admutt be found before any man can be juflified by the righ4 teoufnefs of Chrift. It is none of yours till you repent and be- lieve : therefore you mutt have the perfon 11 Righteoufnefs of faith and repentance, in fubordination to the imputed righte- oufnefs, that it may be yodrs. And will you again conclude, that [ Cer'ainly thislater ii Whollyfuperflttmut.]Hath not God Paid ? ]Hethat believeth, /hall befaved ; andhe that believeth not, (hall be damned.] And Repent andbe converted, th st your fins may be blottedtut. &c. ] Is it not neceffary that thefe be .done then, both as duty commanded, and as a condition or fome means ofthe end propounded and promifed ? And is this wholly fuperff.uous ? In judgement, if you be accufed to have been finally impenitent, or an Infidel, will you not plead your perforal faith and repentance, to juRifie you againfl that accu- fation ? or flhall any be faved that faith, [ I didnit repent or believe, but (,',rift did for me ? ] If it be laid that [ C hrifis ¡t- tisfai ion is fs f cient ; but .tv 'oats that to thee that performedjf not the conditions of 1aú Covenant, and therefore bail no part-in it ? Will you nor produce your faith and repentance for your jolli- fication againit this charge, and fo to prove your intereft in Chríft ? Nay is it like to be the great bufinefsof th it day to, enquire whether 'ChM} have done his part or no ?' or yet to enquire, whether the world were finners ? or rather to judge diem according. the terms of grace which were revealed, t'i, C