Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(136) to them, and to trywhether they have part in Chrift or not;and to that end, whether they believed, repented, loved him in his members, improved his Talents of Grace,or not? Or can any thing but the want of this perfonal righteoufnefs then hazard a mans foul ? But you ask [ Jf Chrif .i righteonfnefr be able tofatifie, what io the matter that it removeth not all ear Evangelical failings &c.]flnfrr.Either you ask thisqueftion as ofapenitent Believer, or the finally impenitent Vnbeliever. If of the former, I fay, Fírß, All his fins Chrifis righteoufnefs pardoneth and covered]; and confequently all the failings in Gofpel duties. Secondly, But his predominant final Impenitency and Infidelity Christ pardoneth not, becaufe he is not guilty of it ; he bath none Such to pardon ; but bath the prfonal righteoufnefs of a per- former of the conditions of the Gofpel : And for the finally impenitent Infidels, the anfweris, becaufe they rejec`Ied that Righteouf clefs which was able to fatisfie, and would not return to od by him ;ind fo not performing the condition ofpardon, have neither the pardon of that fin nor of any other which were conditionally pardoned to them. If this Doftrine be the avoiding the good known way,there is a good known way betides that which is revealed in the Gofpeí And if thisbe fo hard a point for you to receive, I biefs God, it is not fo to me. And if it be far more eafie to maintain one Tingle righteoufnefs, viz. imputed only ; it will not prove fo fate as eafe. If one righteoufnefs may ferve, may not Pilate andSimon tillagus be fuflified,ifno man be put toprove his part in it?and ifhe be,how (hall he prove it,but by hisperformañce of the conditions of the Gift. Treat. pag. 232. Argu. 8. That cannot be a condition of yuftification Which it [elf needeth 7ufiification : But good Works being imperfeEl,andhaving much drofscleaving.needa7uJfi- fication to take that guilt away. Anfto. Fi.rf Again, hearkenall you that have fo long de- eyed the Covenant to have any conditions at all : Here is a Argument to maintainyour caufe : for it makes as much again( faith