Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(147) ( and therefore we had no freedom from fo much as was exCciä tee!. ) 4. But not for fuch violation of the New Covenant , or Law of Grace, as makes us the actual subjectsof its Curfe or Obligation toRemedilefs punifhment. Thefeare my ufual limi- tations andexplications, And do I need to fay anymore now indefence of this opinion, which my Reverend Brother faith is not to beendured ? r .. Is it a clear and profitablewayof teach- ing to confound all rhefe,under the general name of Covenant- breaking ? 2. Or is it a comfortableDoctrine, and like tomake Congregations blessed , that our defects of repentance, un- fruitfulnefs, and unthankfulnefs, &c. are fuch violationsof the Lawof Grace , or the Conditions of the Gofpel , as bring us under its actual obligation to Remedilefs punishment ? That is, in plain Englifh, to fay, We (hall all be damned. Treat. ib. Argument 9. IfWorks be acondition of our .70-io fication, then muff thegodly foulbe filled With perpetual doubts, and troubles, Whether it be aperfoá juflifiedor no. This cloth not follow accidentally through mans perverfnefs from the fore-named Docírine : but the very Genius of it tends thereunto. For if a Condition benot performed, then the mercy Covenanted cannot be claimed : Al in faith ; if a man do not believe, be cannotfay, Chri/l with his benefits arehis. Thus if be have not work! , the Condition is not performed. but ffillhe continteeth without this be- nefit. But for Works ; How (hall I know when I have thefull number of them ? Whether is the Condition of the fpecies or indi- viduums of works ? !snot onekindof work omitted When its my duty, enough to invalidate my 'ssflîfication ? Will it not be as dangerous to omit thatone as all, feting that one is required as a. Condition ? Anfw. Your Argument is an unproved Affertion, not having any thing to make it probable. I. Belief in Chriít as Lord and Teacher, is works with the Opponents. Why may, not a man knowwhen he believeth in Chrill as King and Prophet and is his Difciple, as well as when hebelieveth in him as nrieft ? 2. Repentance is Works alfo with the Opponents. Whymay not a man know when heRepenteth, as well as when he belie- veth, U 2 3. Do