Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

C'8) 3. Do younot give up the Proteftant caufe here to the Pa- pifts in the point of certaintyof falvation ? We tell them that we may be certain that our faith is fincere. Andhow ? why by its fruits and concomitants and that we take Chrift for Lord as well as Saviour, or to fave us from the power of fin as well as the guilt ? And is it now come to that pats that thefe cannot be known ? What not the figns by which faith it felf fhould be known, and therefore fhouldbe notiora ? This it is to eye man , and to be let upon the making good of an opini- on. 4. Let all Proteffants anfwer you, and I have anfwered you. HowWill they knowwhen they Repent andBelieve,when they have performed the full of thefe ? believed all necefj'ary Truths ? Re- pented of all fins that mull be Repented of ? Whether it be the fpe- cies or individual ails of theft that are neceffart' ! Will not the omi f on of Repentancefor onefin invalidate it ? Or the omiffion of many individual artsoffaith ? are not thole ails conditions 3 &c. Anfwer thefe, andyou are anfwered. 5. But I (hall anfwer you briefly for them andme. Its no impoffible thing to knowwhen a man fincerely believeth , re- penteth and obeyeth, though many Articles are Effential to the Affentingpart of faith, and many finsmuff be Repentedof, and many duties muff bedone. God bath made known to us the Effentias of each. It is not the Degree of any of them but theTruth that is the Condition. Aman that hath imperfect RepentanceFaith and Obedience may know when they are fincere, notWithftanding the imperfeaions. Doyou not believe this ? Will You not maintain it againfi a Papift when you are returned to your former temper ? what need any more then to be faid of it ? 6. Your Argument makes as much againft the making ufe of thefe by way of bare figns, as by way of Conditions. For an unknown fign is no fign to us. 7. And how could you over-look it, that your Argument flyeth too boldly in the face of Chrift and many a plain Test of Scripture ? Chrill faith John r5 . i o. If ye keep my Com- mandments, ye!hall abide in my love , even as I have 1Zept &C. 34. re are rrry friends, i fye do whatfoever I command Jots Mat.. 7.21'