Baxter - BT763 B397 1658

(s) by a Phyflcal ca ufality, as fire warmethme ; but by the moral intereft of a condition : and the fame at may be the Condition of divers benefits. Thirdly, Scripture bath exprefly made the Receivingof the perfon in his Relations to be the Condition of the participation of his benefits : [As many as received him, to them gave he power to become the fons of God ; ?ohn i. whoever believeth inhim Jha11not perifh, but, &c. believe in the Lord 7eíus,and those (halt be faveef, &c.J Fourthly, Your own Similitude cleareth what I fay : Though thewife have not poff'ef- f on of all that is her husbandsas foon as the is married ; yet the bath Fight to all that is her part , and poffeffionofthebene- fits meerly Relative, which confitt but in a Right. The accepting his perfon in marriage is the condition to be by her performed to inflate her in his Honours fo far as the muff partake of them. When the is made a wife by that Confent , there needs not any other ad before the can be noble,honourable, a Lady,a Queen, 6c: For the former was the full conditionof the firl} pofl'effion of this benefit; and the benefit immediately refulteth from the Union. Fifthly, I conceive that thefe twoalts which you men- tion arebut one moral work(though diversPhyfical a ts)and to be done without any interpofition of time, before we can have Chrift for Union or Juftification. For the end is Effential toRe- lations : and he that receives Chrift, mutt take him to fome end and ufe : and that teuft be to, ¡uftifie, Reconcile and fave him ; to bring him to God that he may be, blared in him. He that loth not receive Chrift to thefeends , receiveth not Chrift as Chrift, and therefore cannot be united to him; and he that doth thus receive him, doth both thefe aô s in one which you require. Sixthly, And the cafe is much different between Phyfical and Relative benefits : For its true , that when we are united to Chrit , we may haveafter need of renewed as of faith to aetu- ate the Gracesof the Spirit Inherent in us ; For here Right is one thing, andPoffon is another : But the Relation of Son- ihip, Juftification, &c. are benefits that arife from the promife or free Gift by a meer refultancy to all that are united to Chrift ; and whoever hath prefent Right to them, even thereby bath po{fefïion of them, fo that this anfwereth your Reafon, For there is no filch dittanceof time betweenour Union t¡ith Chrift and